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New option for cupboard storage - REPON R Cube

R Cube aims to elevate the application and value of the drawer, and change your perception regarding a drawer from now on. The drawer will not just serve as the storage but as part of the decoration which shows your taste, style and status.

The beautiful one-piece profile offers a clean, stylish and streamlines façade, which is formed out of the specialaluminum mostly being used in aviation. The aluminum provides more benefits than beautiful façade, but is lighter to handle during installation, and allows us to engrave 2 rows of lines for easy grip. 3 different heights, 96mm, 139mm and 190mm, and 4 elegant colors, gray, silver, bright red and golden brown for your selection. This will satisfy most of needs from interior design. The drawer is developed to use the same slides as the wooden drawer, which means there is no need to prepare different slides for R Cube. R cube is designed and developed to convert the traditional drawer accessory from functional hardware to decorative one.