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REPON Under mount for Wooden System

REPON under-mount family carries NJA5A01, NJA5A02 and NJA5A03. All of our under mount slides equip with 2 dimensionally adjustable locking device, which is strong enough to take out-stop impact to BHMA standards, and also being more forgiving with its toothed locking design. With regards to the damper, we use our exclusive soft close cylinder “ dry damper “ for all of our under mount slides. This gives the best performance to our soft close motion. Please refer to the following quick-reference table for the model that fits your needs.

The world-class American Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Accessories Show (IWF Atlanta 2018) is now on display at the Georgia Exhibition Center in Atlanta (August 22-25 2018), welcome to our booth number #1446.